A community living wholeheartedly for Jesus


What is the series about?

Devoted - what a beautiful word! It speaks of a wholeheartedness, a giving of all of one’s love, loyalty and energy to a person or activity, and it’s a word used often to describe the lives of those first Jesus-followers in the Bible. Our plan is not only to explore devotion to prayer, to worship, to Jesus, to one another, but to actively shape our life together to make a difference!

When and where is it?

Starting on the 10th September this series will form a part of all of our Sunday gatherings at all three locations. For more information on where we meet please click below.

Who is it for?

In short, it is for you. Whether you're just beginning to explore spiritual things or you've been part of a church your whole life this will be a great series for you to find out why Jesus is so incredible.