Stepping into a greater devotion to praying together

Whilst praying on our own is important (Luke 5:16, Matthew 6:5-8), praying together is essential. Jesus didn’t just pray alone, he also prayed with his disciples (which is how they learned how to pray - Luke 11:1) and the early church followed suit (Acts 1:14). The majority of the times prayer is mentioned in the book of Acts, it is the church praying together (1:11, 42; 4:24, 12:5,12; 13:3; 16:16, 25; 20:36). Prayer was clearly something they were devoted to (Acts 2:42) and praying with others was a major way this devotion was expressed. Not to mention that the Lord’s prayer is clearly a community prayer ‘Our Father… give us… forgive us… lead us’ (Matthew 6:9-13). It is a truly powerful thing when we come together in prayer, aligning with God's will in our asking and agreeing together in the name of Jesus. Hence Paul encourages the church in Colossae to have a whole-hearted commitment to prayer (Colossians 4:2), and we want to be the same.

Article: Prioritising prayer when life is busy

As we continue to encourage praying in LIFE Groups, team meetings and Sunday gatherings we want to increase our opportunities to pray together for all God is calling us to. Here are three ways you can pray with King's family.


1. Site Prayer

These are location specific and take place on Saturday mornings; these will focus on praying for the location we are part of.

  • City West - First Saturday of every month 8.30-9.30am at West Earlham Junior School.

  • City Centre - Second and fourth Saturday 8-9am at the King's Centre.

  • Mile Cross - Second Saturday of every month 8.30-9.30am at The Venue.


2. All sites together - Time for Refreshing

This takes place on a Friday once a month and is a time for all sites to gather together to spend unhurried time in worship, prayer and listening to God. Here are the upcoming dates for Time for Refreshing:

3. ENOUGH Prayer

ENOUGH is a prayer meeting like no other. It's for all ages, so bring your children - there'll be plenty for them to get involved with. There is always food, communion, worship, and there'll be the chance to meet real church planting pioneers (via video), plenty of creativity, and of course the opportunity to ask God to change the course of history as we pray together. Here are the upcoming ENOUGH nights: