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What is the purpose of LIFE Groups?

LIFE Groups exist to make disciples. This includes both making disciples of the people in your group as well as drawing those on your fringe into becoming disciples of Jesus. It as an incredibly exciting journey and a privilege to be a part of this at King's.

We want Life Groups to be a place where people are connected in, becoming more like Jesus together and becoming integrated into the life of the church. Thriving LIFE Groups where people feel completely part of them are beautiful things to behold. One of the great things about groups that do this well is that people want to be a part of them and therefore they find it easy to draw those on the fringe in.

The LIFE Group Plumbline


Jesus told us to GO into all the world and make disciples. A follower of Jesus is a disciple and to be a disciple is to be a life-long learner. Jesus is our teacher and he said; “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me.” The twelve disciples were a learning community, they were with Jesus, following him, learning from him, together. But they weren’t simply learning information about him, but growing closer to him, becoming more like him and doing the things he did.

We want LIFE Groups to be one of the places where we learn to be more like Jesus, putting into practice the words of Jesus and GROW in maturity as Jesus’ disciples.


Jesus GATHERED the disciples to himself, to be with him and each other. The church is Jesus’ body, and like any physical body, connection and integration of the individual parts is essential to the effective working of the body!

We want LIFE Groups to be a place where new people are connected into the body of Christ, GATHERING together with other followers of Jesus and become integrated into the life of the church.


Jesus called his disciples his friends and said our love for one another would be one of the defining features of the church. One of our key values is that we GATHER together in friendship and family. This means we need to take time to invest in friendships that reflect genuine Christ-like love.

We want LIFE Groups to be a place where people  find this kind of friendship, where healthy friendships can GROW and where we can express our love for each other in practical ways.

Everyone a witness

We want everyone who is part of King’s to be living every day with an expectation that God can use them to be part of someone else coming to follow Jesus. While we are not all Evangelists we are all to be witnesses. A witness is someone who simply tells others what they know about Jesus and what he has done for them; you don’t have to have a degree in theology or have all the answers.

When a blind man was healed by Jesus and was questioned by others, his ‘witness’ was simply to say, “I was blind, but now I see and Jesus did it” (John 9:25). We want LIFE Groups to be a place where we encourage each other to GO into every day with the expectation that God will use us to help others come to know and follow Jesus.

Who's who?

LIFE Group Core Team = Paul Hatton, Dave Howes, Linda Howes, Tanya Stagg, Dan Stagg


City Centre Oversight Leaders = Dave and Linda Howes

City West Oversight Leaders = Paul Hatton and Luke Hills

Mile Cross Oversight Leaders = Dan and Tanya Stagg