Roger Tier-Quick: Time to Serve

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Often to be seen serving in King’s Café or offering visitors a friendly and welcoming smile, Roger Tier-Quick has long been a Christian and a member of King’s. He aims to serve God in whatever way he is able; and being one of the older members of King’s has been no barrier to that.

After having to retire from cab-driving, Roger looked into buying a funeral plan so that his children would be provided for in the event of his death. Although this would fulfil his personal family needs, Roger felt called to provide for a wider family – church family.

“It’s not about me, it’s about us.”

At this point he had many options; simply give the money to church, buy something for a King’s outreach project, pledge the money to one of the church plants King’s supports, and much more. God led Roger to something other than release money into the church: to offer up his own time as well.

The result was Roger investing his money and time in buying a van that rapidly became a blessing to many. In these days of necessary frugality and economic uncertainty, many people cannot afford a removal service or hire their own van. “There seems to be a demand,” he says. Roger’s services – acquired for no more than some food and drink, and maybe a donation if it can be spared – are a provision from God into this specific area.

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Through the van, Roger has connected with a wider Christian circle than just his home church of King’s – and even with non-Christians. He gets some work through English+, a local charity that teaches people English. Through them, Roger also gets referrals from the City Council.

Other jobs of his have included helping people to move home from as far away as London, transporting the baptistery to City West, and getting some beds to one of King’s more recent friends, Ebenezer. Sometimes Roger will enlist help from young adults in order to give them some practical experience. “I have found that my van provides a pathway into peoples’ lives in a helpful and unobtrusive way.” He has a way to touch people’s lives and share the love of God in the community.

Not all of Roger’s work is one-off, he has regular endeavours as well. Every Friday, Roger drives his van to Tescos and picks up a donation of food. From there, he goes to the Bowthorpe Worship Centre and delivers the food to The Oaks Friendly Dementia Group.

“We can reach out and serve people in all situations as an expression of the love God has for mankind.”

“It’s not about me,” Roger said, “it’s about us – the body of Christ. When we as a Church have a heartfelt desire to serve God, I feel collectively we should respond to the Father when he nudges us. It not only gives us purpose but also provides us with a bridge into our communities, so we can reach out and serve people in all situations as an expression of the love God has for mankind… we are one body and all have a part to play.”

Buying a van might have seemed like a risk, and definitely something new, but Roger put his faith in God, stepped out of the boat and is now joyfully using the gifts given him by God to do something amazing.

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