Cynthia Kirby: From Cuppa to Christ


One morning, in early May 2004, as I cycled home from the swimming pool feeling in need of sustenance, I dropped into King’s Café for a coffee and a cheese scone.

I remember the time vividly; Mike and Lois were serving. Lois held up a card and said to Mike, “Shall I give her one?”. Mike replied “Yeah, go on”, and Lois then gave me the card inviting me to a meal at King’s that evening.

The card turned out to be an invite to Alpha, which at the time I knew nothing about. But I cycled down to King’s anyway and enjoyed a scrumptious meal (thank you Chris, by the way!) At the meal I noticed people saying grace, and so I waited patiently before eating. I listened to the fascinating talk, but could not go to the Saturday evening meeting which followed. I felt compelled, however, to go to the Sunday morning gathering. I only knew one person there, a friend called Jean, so I sat next to her and told her how much I had enjoyed her talk on the Friday evening. The talk had been about a period in my life that I remembered so well, of motorcycling days in the late forties. Jean had been involved in a crash in her van, her knee had been smashed to bits, and it was decided to try to surgically repair her knee the following morning. When the surgeon took his next look at her knee it had healed itself overnight! Her Christian friends had been praying for her and she had experienced a miraculous healing!

The welcome I received that Sunday morning was overwhelming. Goff was there. He prayed for me, and then passed me over to Jean, who was in the welcome area. My life had completely changed in the twinkling of an eye - prompting my second cry of the morning!

I knew for sure that my life as a Christian had begun - at the age of sixty-nine!

I could not get to all of the Alpha meetings that followed, but I knew for sure that my life as a Christian had begun - at the age of sixty-nine! God had certainly taken a firm grip on me, and I began to get involved with things at King’s, like helping at toddler groups and in the café (my first point of contact with The Lord). I was baptised on 19th July of that year and felt a strong compulsion to do it, knowing that I was going the right way. I went to church on my own for some time, but then Ray (my husband) surprised me by coming along with me. He was also baptised later on, and I am so glad that he was a Christian before he died. In fact, his belief strengthened as his illness progressed.

Well, I’ve aged a bit since then, but people at Mile Cross still find a space for me. How amazingly kind people are!

Cynthia Kirby

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