What is ID?

ID (Intentional Discipleship) is an opportunity for you to give a year to serve God and the church whilst growing in your understanding of God and your relationship with Him.

Over the course of the year you'll be immersed in the life and mission of King's, where you can serve in a wide variety of exciting ministries and be lovingly discipled.

In previous years our ID students have got involved in worship, kids work, our community projects and youth work to name a few areas!

There are regular training weeks where you can get away from the busy-ness of life and with other ID students from across the UK learn about some of the foundations of the Christian life.

We also expose you to exciting missional opportunities with Relational Mission churches both in the UK and abroad.

We want to intentionally disciple you. To help you grow in knowledge and passion for God, to learn who you are you, and how you can live and speak out for Jesus in every area of life. 

Who is it for

For anyone 18+

What does the ID programme look like?

The ID programme has four main components:

  • A year long voluntary placement at King's

  • A training programme – 25 days away training over the year

  • Personal study

  • Mission trip (optional)

How much will it cost?

The course fees are £1350 – if you are successful in securing an ID year at King’s half the cost of these fees will be covered by King’s

Please note that there will be extra costs for travel to the training weeks and the mission trip and depending on your circumstances you may also need to fund your living costs.

How do I apply?

Step 1 :

If you’re considering doing ID at King’s please come and chat to us! We would love to discuss your options further and whether there are the opportunities for you to serve in the areas of work you are passionate about.

Please note : We cannot guarantee a year with us at King’s, especially if we have several people apply as places are limited. In this case the decision will be made on interview.

Step 2 :

After discussing your application with us you can then apply for the ID year through the Relational Mission website.

Applications for 2019-2020 are now open

Upon application, make sure you put King's down as your preferred church. 

Here's how the application process works:

  1. Fill in the application

  2. State what church placement you'd like to be based at

  3. ID Director reviews applications and discusses with relevant church leaders

  4. Placement is offered

  5. Fees paid by September 2019

  6. Start September 2019

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us using the button below.