Gift Days - Christmas 2018

Twice a year we have our Gift Days which are brilliant opportunities to give over and above our regular giving. King's is a place where people give faithfully and generously, time and time again, and it is incredible to see people courageously trusting God and giving out of that place.

In the Christmas of 2018 we gave an astounding:


Thank you so much Church Family for the generosity that you have shown over the years. It is completely astounding and has truly blessed so many people. Through your giving we have shown God's love to others in so many different ways. Through helping buildings to be built, providing meals, education being paid for, roofs being fixed and much much more. 


How this money will be distributed between the areas into which we are giving will be decided in the new year - keep an eye on this page for more information!

"We can only excel in the Grace of giving because God excels in the giving of Grace" 

Where is the money going?

Relational Mission Christmas Appeal

We would love to give to empower the poor through the Relational Mission Christmas Appeal - The focus of this year’s Christmas Appeal is to support Relational Mission churches in the UK and across continental Europe to start or grow empowerment projects that will create sustainable and evangelistic pathways out of poverty in their local community.

Young People at King’s

We would also like to continue to invest in young people at King's (0-21s). 

  • For our Kids (0-11) we want to invest in resources for kids (& families) and the equipping of kids workers who serve them.  

  • For our Youth (11-18) we want to enable the young people to transform Room 4 in the King's Centre into the Radiate Room which will be used on Friday nights and Sundays (at City Centre) and invest in resources to disciple the young people. 

  • And for our Students (18-21ish) we would love to continue to disciple our students by providing lunches, sending them to equipping events and also mission trips. 

Refugees in Norwich

In the past we have given money to help refugee families settle into life in Norwich. A number of new refugee families are coming to Norwich and it would be a great opportunity to bless them once again.

How to give?

Bank transfer

Set up a one-off transfer. Use 'Gift Day' + surname as a reference.

Account number: 10673439
Sort Code: 20-62-53


You can give online here or using the 'Give' section of our App. Use 'Gift Day' + surname as a reference.


Grab a Red 'Giving' envelope at any of our 3 locations. Fill out the details and put your cash or cheque in the giving buckets. Make cheques payable to 'KCCN'


Gift Aid - Making your gift go further

If you are a UK tax payer we can claim back 25p in every pound that you give. If you have not Gift Aided to King’s before please fill in the Gift Aid details in the 'Giving' envelope and put it into one of the giving buckets at any of our 3 locations.