Gift Days - July 2018

Twice a year we have our Gift Days which are brilliant opportunities to give over and above our regular giving. King's is a place where people give faithfully and generously, time and time again, and it is incredible to see people courageously trusting God and giving out of that place.

 In the summer of 2018 we gave an incredible:


Where did we give the money?

Kevin & Emma Reilly Church Plant - £5,000

We have a growing relationship with our friends Kevin and Emma Reilly who lead a Relational Mission church plant in Gdansk, Poland. They are a dual language church, operating in English and Polish, and most of their community are native Polish. There is a strong sense of family and friendship among them and they meet regularly to worship, learn together from the Bible, give their money, enjoy communion and eat and pray together. They have now outgrown their front room and have moved into a hotel conference room. We are excited about partnering with them in the Gospel as we give of our money to their church plant.

Relational Mission - £5,000

We are giving some money towards our family of churches called Relational Mission. This will be used to help start new churches and strengthen existing churches.

Empowering the poor - £10,637.12

King’s Money Advice is our completely free debt and money advice service. This service helps people no matter how big or small their debt is, or whatever their background and circumstances. This is what one client had to say about the service:

“King’s Money offered me the support I needed to face my financial troubles. Its non-judgmental support is unlike anything else out there. They genuinely cared about how it was affecting my life and wanted to help me free from the burden. I felt safe to share my story, personal information and fears. They helped me to get over the fear and embarrassment. Having gone through all the options with them, I have chosen my path to being debt free and for the first time in nearly 15 years I can see light at the end of the tunnel.”

Fostering the fringe - £15,000

Jesus loves people and we do too. One thing that marked Jesus' life was his ability to draw in those who felt disconnected and isolated. He welcomed in those who knew they had made a mess of life and was quick to extend love and kindness to them. We endeavour to be like Jesus and so it is our joy to be able to give of our money to help us as a church love and welcome in those who feel on the fringe.