Gift Days - Christmas 2017

Twice a year we have our Gift Days which are brilliant opportunities to give over and above our regular giving. King's is a place where people give faithfully and generously, time and time again, and it is incredible to see people courageously trusting God and giving out of that place.

At Christmas in 2017 we gave an incredible:



Where did we give the money

£15,000 to Kenya and India

Kenya - Sand dams

Building on our very strong relationship with Edward Buria in Kenya we are working to protect vital water supplies for hundreds of families affected by the recent droughts, with the renovation of two sand dams that will capture the rains when they do fall. Sand dams provide a clean, secure and local year-round water supply in water scarce environments.

India - Health and education

The money will see life changing improvements in health and education to people living in extreme hardship and bring much needed hope of a more secure future for hundreds of families trapped in poverty. 

£15,263  to Kenya education of young people

Funding one year of education for 200+ young people

We'll be doing this by linking with the Community Empowerment Programme (CEP) run by our good friends Edward and Fridah Buria. All children and youths assisted by CEP  are orphans and the most vulnerable children who come from very poor backgrounds. One of the people we'll be helping is Karen Murugi. Read her story below:

Karen Murugi 2.jpg

Karen is a total orphan and was left under the care of her old and crippled grandfather when her parents died. Karen almost lost hope of achieving her dreams of becoming a Doctor because her grandfather could not afford paying her school fees alongside meeting other basic needs. CEP took her on board in 2015 when she was in secondary level first year and her dream of becoming a Doctor were rekindled. Unfortunately the following year her grandfather died leaving her in the hands of well-wishers and a far-off relative. According to Karen CEP is the only bridge connecting her with her destiny and she is so determined to see her dream come true.  Next year she is joining Form 4  which is the final year in her secondary level.

Some of this money has enabled Toby Skipper and Kevin Magee to spend a week over there having a look at various projects that we are involved with in Kenya and enabled them to feed back to the King's trustees on the money that has been given.

£14,000 for King's Care

Food for two years

This will pay for all the meals served at King's Care in 2018 and 2019. King's Care continues to not only help some of the most vulnerable people in our city but we are seeing increasing numbers of those people finding their place in the church family.