Gift Days - Christmas 2016

Twice a year we have our Gift Days which are brilliant opportunities to give over and above our regular giving. King's is a place where people give faithfully and generously, time and time again, and it is incredible to see people courageously trusting God and giving out of that place.

At Christmas in 2016 we gave an incredible:


£12,000 to Kingsgate church in Yarmouth

We are part of a family of churches called Relational Mission and we have always been passionate about supporting churches relationally as well as financially. This money has gone to the church in Great Yarmouth and has enabled them to move forward with new leadership and make this very important transition.

£20,900 to the Community Empowerment Programme in Kenya

This programme seeks to improve the quality of life for thousands upon thousands of people while at the same time telling them about how amazing Jesus is. In recent years we have been partnering with Edward and Fridah Buria both relationally and financially.

£3,000 to the Norwich Foodbank

They thanked us in the following letter

To all at King's Community Church,

I'm writing to express our sincere gratitude for the overwhelming generous donation of £3,000 we received. 

You were not only kind enough to give us such a generous proportion of your gifts but you also did not put any restrictions on the money which is another huge blessing to us as funding for core costs such as salaries, (1 full time and 1 part time), and office rent is getting harder and harder to secure. Your generosity means the pressure is relieved somewhat for the next couple of months so we can focus on what I believe is our God given work and supporting those in need.

Thank you again.

The Norwich Food Bank Team