Free to Live

Our new teaching series on Sundays


What is the series about?

This series is for those who are wanting to live their life in a place of freedom; free from annoying and harmful habits, addictions, and free to enjoy life and relationships. We'll explain where this freedom is found and how you can walk in it.

When and where is it?

From the 15th January this series will form a part of all of our Sunday gatherings at all three locations. For more information on where we meet and how you can find the nearest location to you, please click here.


Who is it for?

In short, it is for you. Whether you're just beginning to explore spiritual things or you've been part of a church your whole life this will be a great series for you to walk in ever increasing freedom. 

Recommended Reading

Tim Keller 'Galatians for you' - Available at a reduced rate from the King's bookshops at all 3 locations.

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Week 1 - Gospel gone wrong

15th Jan 2017 - The Apostle Paul had a favourite word for the Christian message: Gospel, Good News, because that’s just what it is, the announcement of life & freedom in Jesus Christ! When he hears that people he loves are being told lies about how to please God, he becomes angry because he knows their Christian freedom is at stake.

Week 2 -  From terrorist to evangelist

22nd Jan 2017 -  Being a Christian is not about being religious, or good for that matter. Paul’s testimony was that God had to set him free from a proud, arrogant, intolerant lifestyle that included putting Christians to death! Grace truly is amazing! 

Week 3 - Is Jesus enough?

5th Feb 2017 - The Gospel of Jesus Christ is good news for the whole world! God is wonderfully at work in all types of people, in every culture, gathering a beautiful, diverse yet unified family. Beware how you judge! 

Week 4 - The life I now live 

12th Feb 2017 - The Gospel is life-changing! But Paul wants us to understand that it’s only when we stop trying to earn God’s acceptance, when we die to all that and receive His unmerited acceptance of us - only then will we find true freedom!

Week 5 - The key to spiritual life

19th Feb 2017 - The Gospel isn’t just about solving our sin problem. It’s as we remain rooted in what Jesus did for us on the cross that we start to live as God intended, in the sure knowledge of His love, forgiveness and grace towards us - free indeed!

Week 6 - Two ways to live

26th Feb 2017 - Rules like signposts can keep you out of trouble and point you in the right direction, but they can't give life - only the life of faith in Jesus can do that. Abraham’s life gave a glimpse of what it means to live by faith, listening to God and daring to believe, trust & follow.

Week 7 - From slaves & orphans to sons & daughters 

5th Mar 2017 - Son or daughter is just the right word to describe the Christian’s experience of freedom; it speaks of relationship. We at our best do not have favourite children. God at His best (and he always is!) does not have favourite children - how freeing! is that!

Week 8 - Old habits die hard

12th Mar 2017

Week 9 - The offence of the cross

19th Mar 2017 - The message of the cross can sound offensive and indeed it does offend our sense of self-righteousness and pride but when we come to understand what Jesus really did for us it brings a wonderful freedom and joy. 

Week 10 - Two ways to live 

2nd Apr 2017 - The freedom that comes from the life of faith presents us with opportunities to live differently, But can we really change? Paul tells us that as we receive into our lives the gift-bringing Holy Spirit, then change happens.

Week 11 - Generous hearted living

9th Apr 2017 - Life in Christ sets us free to live an overflowing life - God gives; we give, that’s grace! Paul concludes his letter by encouraging us to see that when we are free in Christ we are ready to respond to the opportunities around us for living the Gospel in acts of kindness.