Family Recipe

Essential Ingredients of the Church


Family Recipe was a teaching series we ran in the Autumn of 2016. Each week we explored a different essential ingredient of the church.


We recommend reading 'Relational Mission: A Way Of Life'

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Week 1 - A real Family

The church is a family. It's God's family. The church is not made of a group of strangers or professionals who don't really know each other. It's made up of brothers and sisters who love one another and are seeking each other's good. This week we'll focus on what it looks like to be God's family.

Week 2 - Raising sons and daughters

Every parent knows about raising children. It is a daily process of loving, encouraging, caring for and nurturing. This daily process lasts years as the parent passes on their wisdom and helps shape the person their child is becoming. It is the same in God's family where we are called to encourage one another, spurring each other on and seeing those young in their faith grow in maturity.

Week 3 - Everyone a witness

We are all witnesses to the things we have seen and the things we have heard. As we go about our lives we share with those around us the events and experiences that have shaped us and made us the people we are today. As Christians we are witnesses of the difference that Jesus has made in our lives. This week of the series will focus on being a faithful witness.

Week 4 - The prayers of many

God loves prayer. He loves it when people talk to Him and ask things of Him. You may have thrown up a prayer in desperation without really knowing if He's real or you may have led a life marked by faithful prayer. Whatever your experience this week will focus on how prayer makes a difference.

Week 5 - A church for a broken world

God always intended His church to be outward looking, focusing on those who have been marginalised and broken by society. We live in a City and indeed a world that has a lot of brokeness in it. God wants to use His people to reach out and to make a difference in the lives of those who are hurting the most. This week will focus on the church's mandate to be a light to the broken.

Week 6 - Starting new families

It is natural for families to grow. Parents spend years raising their children who then leave home and have children of their own. And so the cycle continues. It is the same with God's family, His church. As people start following Jesus it is essential that new families are started. This week will focus on what it looks like to start new families.

Week 7 - We have a compass but no map

As a church we know the direction we are heading in but we are walking int hat direction by faith, trusting that God is leading each of our steps. We make plans and follow through on them but we don't have a map that says "do this, and then that, and then you'll have reached your destination". This week will focus on what it means to have a compass.