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Mothers Day: City West

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What is it?

On mother’s day we love to celebrate not only mother’s but also the wonderful gift of motherhood. Not every person is fortunate enough to have been blessed by their relationship with their mum but as a culture we are most definitely stronger because of the countless number of mum’s who wonderfully give of themselves to their children year after year. We will be celebrating this as well as looking at how God also wonderfully gives himself to his children year after year.

The celebration will include activities that all the family can enjoy, some singing, a short talk, cake and a lot of fun. We’ll also be giving thanks for one of the babies that was recently born to a couple at City West.

We would love it if you were able to join us.

When is it?

3.15pm – 4.30pm on the 26th March 2017

Where is it?

St. Peter’s, Park Lane, Norwich, NR2 3EQ

What should I bring?

Absolutely nothing, apart from yourself of course. And please feel free to bring along any friends and family that would also like to celebrate Mother’s Day with us.