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November Gift Day Part 1

What is a gift day?

A couple of times a year, on top of regular giving we have what we call gift days. These are exciting opportunities for us all to stretch our faith, giving above and beyond our regular giving. At these times we’ll give into specific situations and needs both locally and internationally.

In the past these have ranged from giving to the poor suffering from famine in Kenya to replacing the roof at the King’s Centre. It takes resources to fulfil all that God has given us to do so let’s ask God what we can do to play our part in giving to the work we do together at King’s.

When are the gift days?

They will be at all three locations on the 20th and 27th November.

What are we giving into?

Toby explains where the money will be going in this video:

1. Community Empowerment Programme in Kenya

All the money from this years Relational Mission's Christmas appeal is going to the . We will be giving some of the money from the gift days into the Community Empowerment Programme in Kenya run by Edward and Frieda Buria.

In recent years we have been partnering with these guys both relationally and financially. It has been incredible to see how God is not only saving lives but also improving the quality of life for thousands upon thousands of people.

In this video Toby gives us a brilliant insight into how our giving in previous years has helped many people walk free from poverty.

2. Church Planting & establishing churches

We are part of a family of churches called Relational Mission. We have always been passionate about supporting churches relationally as well as financially. These gift days will enable us to do this with a particular emphasis on Gt. Yarmouth where we have been playing a more active supporting role recently.

3. Norwich Foodbank

Norwich foodbank supports local individuals and families who find themselves on the edge of disaster through the provision of emergency food supplies. These supplies take the form of nutritionally balanced emergency foodboxes to cover an individual or family’s basic needs for 72 hours: the critical time gap before the Social Services safety net “kicks in.”

 They work closely with local care organisations whose professional care-workers identify people in crisis and give them a food voucher and refer them to one of our Distribution Centres. Here they are given a warm welcome, a hot drink and a foodbox and if they wish, a listening ear and help in finding other professionals who can assist them with the underlying problems that are causing their crisis.

How can I give?

You can give your gifts in person on the 20th and 27th November at all three of our locations.

Alternatively you can give easily electronically here. Please write 'Gift Day' in the notes.

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