The Collective is launched - Creatives assemble!

What is the Collective?

King's Church is an incredibly creative place and it has been for many years. 'The Collective' is an intentional effort to gather creatives from across many different disciplines for the purpose of shaping culture and making disciples.

If you want to be involved then I'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with me here.

Paul Hatton

What is the vision?


What are our values?

1. Aim for excellence

To regularly encourage, provoke and critique each other, as part of aiming for excellence in our respective crafts. This doesn’t mean that we are all going to be at the forefronts of our industries, but it does mean a commitment over time to becoming the best we can be.

2. ‘Everyone a witness’

We’re all called to witness about what Jesus has done in our lives and using our art as part of this process is a powerful way to positively shape culture. The Collective will provoke each other to help shape culture. This might involve joining a club, going to poetry nights, or putting your work into an exhibition.

This is an excellent video explaining this better!

3. Make disciples

This value needs to run through the other two, aforementioned values. This will look like the more mature artists coming alongside the less experienced, in order to coach and encourage. It will involve us all learning from each other and being intentional about drawing others into the mix. For example, an experienced poet could take a less experienced poet to a poetry night; showing them the ropes and helping them grow in their talents.


How will it be outworked?

1. Collective Hubs

What is the purpose of a Hub?

Hubs enable us to create opportunities where we can gather together with the express purpose of getting to know each other better, while at the same time helping each other to better understand what it looks like to put the Collective values into practice.

What will a Hub look like?

1)    Meet around once a term in one of our homes. Always including food!

2)    Invite all the Christian creatives we know.

3)    Discuss stuff that is particularly relevant to the intersection of our art and faith.

4)    Have opportunities to showcase our work, allowing it to be critiqued. 

5)    Pray for each other.

Who is invited to a Hub?

Any creative!

Painters, actors, poets, photographers, designers, illustrators, sculptors, musicians etc.

2. Collective Workshops

What is the purpose of a Workshop?

To gather creatives together for the purpose of growing, learning and aiming for excellence.

What will a Workshop look like?

This could be a group of creatives coming together in order to create something along a specific theme. These could be creatives that share one discipline, or could even be a mixture of disciplines.

This could also include someone demonstrating a particular element of their craft, followed by everyone else giving it a go. This would be particularly practical and may be more suited towards individual creative disciplines.

3. Collective Projects

The collaborative project of several creatives, which may be for King’s, for an exhibition, or for personal reasons.


Want to get involved?

I'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with Paul Hatton here.


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