What happens to our conferencing net profit?

Our conference facilities not only provide an excellent service to those in the City of Norwich but incredibly all of the net profit goes into our 'Serving people, saving lives' initiative.

Every year we have the privilege of deciding where this net profit (100%) will go.

This year we have divided the money into three pots. We are still to decide where one of these pots will go but the following explains two places where this money has already gone.


One  |  The Kerith Agro-Farming Adventure

Our friends in Kenya, Edward and Frieda Buria, are heading up an initiative which aims to empower Kerith Church members economically, through improved and proven farming technologies that are ‘simple, sustainable and reproducible’ and which targets certain cereals and farm produce that  thrive where weather conditions are harsh.

There are so many vulnerable people all over the world, including in Kenya, and it has been our pleasure to give a good chunk of money towards this cause. Through this initiative people benefit from the following:

1. Empowered with the knowledge of planting certain crops that can overcome harsh weather conditions.
2. To see the most vulnerable economically empowered by selling their farm outputs i.e. sorghum, soya, maize, sunflower and other indigenous crops to competitive markets
3. A wake up call to members to return to the consumption of indigenous farm produce i.e. sorghum, soya, maize, sunflower and other indigenous cereals because of their health benefits (our ancestors lived healthy and long because of eating these types of foods)
4. Encouraging the members to see the need of saving for their future

A brilliant initiative and the money we have given will make a difference in people's lives.


Two  |  Kairos Hospital in Uganda

We have good connections with Kairos Hospital in Uganda. This hospital is doing some incredible things and is only able to continue their good work because of generous donations like ours. 

Our gift from this years has enabled them to purchase 2 instrument trolleys along with appropriate linen for dressing the theatre beds and trolleys. On top of that they were also able to install a new air conditioner which has been a major morale boost for the surgical team. This will enable the staff to work for longer and in more comfortable conditions, especially important during life-threatening operations.

In response to our gift the team at the hospital said this:

Thank you to all our partners that have contributed to making work possible and easier here.
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