My Story #AmazingSupport

by Alan Penticost


It was during the darkest days of my LIFE that I experienced what it means to be part of a LIFE Group. 

My first wife Maureen had died and I was suffering from a broken heart which eventually required major surgery.  I was admitted to hospital and had a triple bypass procedure. 

My discharge from hospital was being delayed as at that time I lived alone and needed to have 24 hour cover for 7 days and then no lifting or excess exertion and no driving for 6 weeks.

The LIFE Group then took over, they arranged for me to be collected from Papworth Hospital.  One family took me into their home for the first week with other members of the group covering the periods when the family were not about.  After the first week I was able to return home, then the group continued to look after me by arranging for all my meals , my shopping and anything else I needed.  They went above and beyond anything that could be expected.

Without the support given by a LIFE Group in action I do not know what I would have done, they supported me through those difficult days, not only during the health recovery but also through the period of shock I was in after the death of my wife.

I will be forever grateful.