My Story #BeingTheNewPerson

by Abi Harvey


When my husband and I moved to Norwich 2 and a half years ago with our 6 month old baby, we had very few friends here.

We were isolated, going through some difficult family circumstances and very cold (having moved from a hot climate!!). Looking back I probably had some form of SAD disorder... don't worry I'm ok now. Just invested in some warmer clothes. But I digress. 

We had been attending church for a few months but didn't seem to be building relationships very easily. Our baby was young... we were first time parents... we never seemed to have time to linger and chat to people on a Sunday. Then a kind person at church invited us to their LIFE Group. 

We went along hoping to meet with Jesus and meet with others in the church family. Well we certainly met both! We had found community. We had found a place to engage with people, delve into the Bible and share our ups and downs, praying for each other. 

The bible talks about the early church meeting in homes. I like that. Not so I can check out my friends' latest home decor or the quality of their coffee but so that I can really get to know them. 

When churches were forming after Jesus had left earth I love that they met in people’s homes. I love that sense of meeting together in a home. It’s family. It's where we can get round the table and eat together while discussing the bible; asking the questions we really want the answers to. It's where we can honesty share and pray for one another.

I love being on the journey with friends. That’s my LIFE Group.