King's Kids: Discovertory Laboratory

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On the 15th January we're launching a new and exciting series for King's Kids.

Are you ready to be amazed?

Have you ever seen someone walk on water or make a storm stop just by telling it to? Can you believe that someone could make a blind man see or turn water into wine? The Bible says Jesus did all these things!!

This term at King’s kids we’re going to be looking at some of the amazing miracles that Jesus did while he was here on earth and conducting incredible experiments every week in our makeshift laboratory. We’ll also be stretching our muscles with high energy games, singing some fantastic action songs and hearing exciting, miraculous stories from the Bible.

When and where?

Here are the details for each of our three locations. All three are school years Reception to 6 and the series will run from the 15th Jan 2017 to the 9th April 2017.

City Centre - 10am – 11.45am at the King’s Centre

Mile Cross - 11.30am - 12.45pm at the Norman Centre

City West - 3.30pm – 5pm at St Peter’s Church, Park Lane

You will need a parent or carer to sign you in and out.

Are all your helpers DBS checked?

The three kid's clubs across all of our sites are run by volunteers from the church who are all DBS checked and supervised by the leaders of the church. For more information please get in touch; 01603 765795 | |


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