New King's Kids' Series: Who's the King of Your Castle?


Have you ever wanted to be King for the day? Maybe you quite fancy sitting on a throne, having people do as you tell them, making the rules. Or have you dreamed of being a princess? You’d quite like to wear beautiful dresses, live in a palace and be looked up to by other people. Who wouldn’t?

But is there more to being royalty than that? What about the people in your kingdom you need to look after and protect? Do princesses get to do everything they want to do or do they have to give up some of those things? What about the battles that Kings have to fight, or those dragons that need to be slain?

The truth is that we’re invited to be royalty. Through Jesus we can be part of God’s royal family. God rules over everything, and, when we follow Jesus, we can enjoy the privileges of His children. We are able to come to the throne room and talk to our Father, the King, whenever we want. But following Jesus also comes at a cost. We have to leave behind some of the things we might have done before and follow Jesus into whatever He leads us.

This term at King’s Kids we’ll be looking at these things as we ask ‘Who’s the King of your Castle?’ We’ll be looking at some really important stuff that Jesus taught people as we make decisions about following Him with our whole lives. We’ll also be playing some great games, singing some fantastic songs and hearing some amazing stories. There might also be a few dragons to slay….

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