New King's Kids' Series: Blasterchef


Anyone fancy a chocolate cake? How about a roast dinner? Pasta bake? Trifle? We’re going to be cooking up a storm this term at King’s Kids as trainee chef, Kerry Blueberry, competes to be the best in the universe; the “Blasterchef”. But it turns out that there is to more work to it than she thinks. You need the right ingredients to make the perfect feast. And Kerry might need to change some of her methods if she’s going to be the best of the best.

God is at work in our world. He is saving people, healing people and building a glorious Church. Through our own local churches we get to be part of this amazing work. But it isn’t easy. We need to put the right ingredients into the church; great times together, Spiritual Gifts that help us and guide us, and lots and lots of love. We also have to work together. Sometimes doing church together can be hard work, difficult or even confusing, especially when we live in a world full of people not going God’s way. It’s going to take us changing some of the ways we do our lives, so that, together, we can see people come to know Jesus and be part of our church family.

God knows we find this hard and He hasn’t left us alone. He has given us His Holy Spirit to help us, guide us and give us power to face every challenge that’s thrown our way. He’s given us the Bible where we can read about how other churches got it right and how they got it wrong. We’re going to see how the church in a place called Corinth (a city not too different to our own) messed up just as much as Kerry Blueberry. And we’re going to see what wise words God gave Paul to help them get back on track.

As usual we’ll have some fantastic songs, amazing games and funny videos, to help us put into practise Paul’s words as we do church together today. Oh and it might get a little messy from time to time…

If you’re in school years 1 to 6 we’d love to have you join us. (We’ll be meeting every Sunday morning from 10am – 11.45am at the King’s Centre.) (We’ll be meeting every Sunday morning from 11.30am-12.45pm at the Norman Centre.) (We’ll be meeting every Sunday afternoon from 3.30pm – 5pm at St Peter’s Church, Park Lane.) You will need a parent or carer to sign you in and out. 

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