Book 'He Was and Is and Is to Come'

He Was and Is and Is to Come is a stunning poem about Jesus by Stefan Liston, fully illustrated by Dan Jones. The book is an 84 page paperback, 21cm wide by 20cm high and 0.8cm thick and illustrated in colour throughout.

What is it?

The poem was originally written and read by Stef Liston, as a spoken word sermon at a Christian festival called Newday, to a gathering of approximately 6,000 young people. But it seemed that the scope of the poem could easily go further; that it had a potential reach beyond just the moment. This got a few people thinking, one of them being illustrator Dan Jones, who secretly sharpened his cyber-pencils and got drawing. Dan then sent Stef an illustrated draft of one of the verses which took Stef by surprise, but he loved it! So they got talking and wondered what it might look like to produce the poem as a fully illustrated book that would be a source of instruction, inspiration and blessing to people up and down the nation.

So here we are! Dan’s drawing style is a wonderful combination of innocence and poignancy and so we feel like we’ve come up with an idea that would communicate deep and timeless Gospel truth in a very visually captivating and somehow comforting way for people of all ages. Following a successful funding campaign on Kickstarter, we will be printing the fully illustrated book, and also producing a scored, animated video of the entire poem narrated by Stef. We’re really excited to be going ahead with it, and we hope you are too!


"The poem in this great new illustrated book is no exception. It's a highly original piece of work, full of inspiring lyrics for the heart and deep thoughts for the head."
Matt Redman - Grammy winning Worship Leader and Author
"This glorious poem will stir your imagination, taking you on a journey you would never have taken, filling your heart with thanksgiving and worship."
Terry Virgo, Founder of New Frontiers
"This creative, dynamic and passionate retelling of the biblical story is a wonderful resource for young and old alike. Highly recommended."
Andrew Wilson - Elder at King’s Church, Eastbourne and Author at
"Poetry has the power to reach places that prose can never touch. Stef is an outstanding poet with a message that will change the way you see the world. Buy this book. Then buy more copies for your friends."
Phil Moore - Elder at Everyday Church, London, and Author


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