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A guest post by Toby Skipper

It was a real joy to have Edward Buria with us in Norwich at the end of April. He spoke on the importance of prayer in the life of the believer and the local church, especially through difficult times. You can watch his interview and listen to his preach below:

The day after Edward was with us

The following morning when Edward came down for breakfast, he shared some very sad news; that the previous day, one his key leaders had collapsed dead, largely due to the effects of the horrific famine they are facing in parts of Kenya. This was a stark reminder of the brutal effects of drought and the harsh conditions that these dear brothers and sisters are working within to plant churches in some of the most rural areas of the country.

After praying together, we discussed how we (at King's) might be able to help. And it is because of your generous regular giving (we keep a pot of £5000 aside for emergency situations like this) that I was able to say to Edward we will cover the costs of the funeral and give the family enough money to set up a business so they can support themselves in the future (the total came to £2500). 

Edward and Frieda are so grateful for our partnership with them, you're giving is making a difference in the lives of many who are facing severe poverty. Below is a letter sent from Edward to say thank you for your recent giving toward providing relief supplies for victims of famine.


The letter from Edward Buria

Dear all at the King's Community Church, Norwich

Greetings and blessing through our Lord Jesus Christ.  I hope this email finds you all enjoying much grace and fruitfulness in ministry.

Thanks for your partnership

Looking back to the past few difficult months from when we encountered the drought / famine which has claimed lives in different parts of the country, destroyed thousands of livestock and general vegetation, we notice that without your partnership that enabled us to provide relief supplies and other required intervention, many lives would have suffered immensely.  Your gesture of love and generosity has helped us save and keep many lives alive. 

It is therefore only fitting for me to come back on behalf of the hundreds of families to thank you for your generosity that has touched thousands and given them hope to carry on. 

The situation as it is at the moment

One of the greatest prayer items I requested, as we continued with the relief work, was rain. Unfortunately rain did not come in April as expected although people had planted their farms.  Yet, strangely the past few days of this month have seen very unusual heavy rain with a number of places reporting floods.  The benefits of this rain will revive dried rivers, lift up water tables and general vegetation.  It is very important for you to pray with us that this does not create another crisis.

Our plans remain supporting the targeted families with relief supplies in a reducing ratio up till beginning of July 2017 when we are hoping for some normalcy hoping some crops will have survived and there will be some harvest.

Good news story

(1)    With the ongoing rain, we have just been notified that one of the concrete dam we created (with the latest appeal) is almost half filled and its clear with the ongoing rain it will harvest enough rain water.   The harvested water of this particular dam will serve between 2000 people and their livestock for the next 8 months (that is even if rain stopped). 

(2)    The Borehole at Wamba continues to supply water to about 18,000 people and the schools nearby have carried on with their term as usual because they are able to get water from it


My heart is convinced that the best way of addressing the problem that is brought about by drought/famine is investing on water related infrastructure.  With resources being available, I would be very pleased to see 3 more water projects completed. 

Once again thank you very much to you all and God bless you. 

Edward Buria


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