Key ingredients for helping people flourish


by Brian Fawcett

A few weeks ago I was asked to write about “getting the most out of people in LIFE Group once they have retired” - I was keen to clarify the retired part and was assured that this meant people of state pensionable age! 

Our group comprises seven such people plus two younger members; although we only have one person who could truly be said to be fully” retired” as the rest  of us lead really busy lives – as you know - there is no retirement in God's Kingdom!

We came together having identified that flexibility of timing and location was required for our group to be successful. We meet 3 times a month, occasionally changing the time and place to enable us to be flexible to the needs of the group. Also we don't take “half term” or summer holidays- meeting together regularly is really important to everyone.

We are a group of like-minded, mature people, dynamic in Spirit who encourage one another as iron sharpens iron, doing life together. While we are from different backgrounds our many varied experiences ensure reflective spiritual discussions born out of spiritual maturity, complete trust and confidence in the confidentiality of the group. Also, we are continually learning from each other, respecting each person’s contribution. We see many answered prayers and have a strong unshakable Faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We also regularly socialise together around the table with some great meals and lots of laughter.

Every week, no matter what else is on the programme, we have powerful prayer times together in faith and have seen many answers and give all the glory to God. We stand on God’s word and call into being the things which are not!

In spite of our age, or perhaps because of it, we have a great desire to encourage each other to continually share the Gospel desiring to see His Kingdom grow and we stand on His spiritual authority believing that the best is yet to come. Our lives definitely have an evangelical edge with each of us determined to share the gospel message with our neighbours, on the bus, at work, in fact at every opportunity. This does result in rejection sometimes but together we encourage one another.

I suspect that whether we are retired or not, “getting the best out of people” requires the same basic ingredients within LIFE Groups.

We are doing life together, we feel safe together, we encourage one another, feel like family, (we are family,) dynamic in spirit always wanting to make a difference. All our lives are steeped in great testimonies to the faithfulness and greatness of our God and this spurs us on enabling us to encourage one another – right here – right now!