Our friends need our help

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More than 12 million people across Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia are in need of food aid.

Find out how you can help below.

Our friends Edward and Fridah Buria in Kenya are seeing the devastation first hand. These truly are desperate times where the poorest in our world need help, even just to stay alive.

Edward tells us about the relief they are currently providing in East Samburu. 

Semedo from UN's Food and Agriculture Organization said this:

"The drought situation is extremely worrying, primarily in almost the entire Somalia, southern and south eastern Ethiopia and northern Kenya. With the next rains at least eight weeks away and the next main harvest not until July, millions are at risk."

The situation is likely to get worse as drought undermines communities' livelihoods, household assets and nutrition. In 2016 along, refugees and asylum seekers increased by more than 500,000 in the region.

How can you help?

This Sunday (5th Feb) at all three of our locations we'll have an opportunity to give financially into the various projects that Edward and his teams are organising.

If you would like to give online please could you use your online banking with the following details:

Sort Code: 20-62-53

Account Number: 10673439

Reference: Kenya Buria

Will the money get to those in need?

If you're wondering whether the money will be put to good use then let us assure you that Edward has been a good friend of ours for a number of years. Toby Skipper, along with a team from King's, visited some of the community projects that Edward's team are involved. The projects are well run with a huge amount of integrity. Edward will ensure that all the money will go towards the famine relief.

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