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Below are the key dates for the coming year up to August. To get these dates in your calendar in a matter of minutes simply use the download button below and import it into your own calendar. (Computer only)

If you're not sure how, here is Google Calendar Help and Apple Calendar Help. It's really simple!


1st - All locations together: King’s Centre (No Kid’s work)

15th - King’s Kids Series Starts: Discovertory Laboratory

20th - Comedy for a Cause: Andy Kind  //  Invitational Event


1st - Taste of Alpha Evening  //  Invitational Event

3rd - Time For Refreshing

5th - Baptisms

16-18th - Sent 2017 for 18-30s


3rd - Time For Refreshing

12th - Connect Afternoon

17th - Enough Prayer Night

25th - King’s Women: Hearing God in the every day


16th - Easter and Baptisms  //  Invitational Event

22nd - Redemption Groups begin

28th - Time For Refreshing


19th - Time For Refreshing


4th/11th - Gift Days

9th - Leader’s Celebration

16-18th - Together ‘17 Weekend

23rd - Time For Refreshing


7th - Enough Prayer Night

22nd - Big Day Out  //  Invitational Event


6th - Only City West and Mile Cross meeting

13th - Only City Centre and City West meeting

20th - Only City Centre and Mile Cross meeting

27th - All locations together at the King’s Centre

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