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A guest post by Charis


Charis has travelled to Helsinki to serve Risen Light Church for one year as part of her ID internship and she is keeping a blog of her adventures. 

Originally posted 30th August 2017

Finland, like any nation, needs to be soaked in God’s love...

So…I am going to Finland – a place I never anticipated visiting, let alone live there for a year. It all started when I was at a conference in February about being sent out to live for Jesus. I knew that I wanted to dedicate this coming year to serving God in a new capacity, but I didn’t know how. During the conference I bumped into my old small group leader who moved to Helsinki a few years ago. As he was telling me about the church plant they are part of, excitement grew within me and I found myself saying, ‘I want to come!’. Throughout the conference I prayed a lot and it was obvious that God was calling me to go and serve the church in Finland.

I will be doing ID which is a year out program designed to help Christians walk with Jesus into the adventures he has for them and grow in knowledge and passion for God. I will be receiving theological training so I can go out and feel confident talking about what I believe to others. I want to get to know my Father deeply and I know one way to do this is to study the Bible!


For the majority of the time, I will be volunteering for the church plant (called Risen Light) in Helsinki. I am excited to step out in faith and evangelise on the streets of Finland, use my teaching skills to support the church’s kid’s work and help publicise the church through different media platforms. Risen Light Church is mainly made up of families. I know the importance of being part of a church as a young adult. Therefore, I feel passionate about going onto the university campuses and setting up a student’s Christian network which can encourage young believers and link them up with the local church.

Finland, like any nation, needs to be soaked in God’s love and exposed to the hope and peace that can be found only through Jesus. I want to be a beacon of light in this city so I can be a part of sharing the good news to this nation.

Although it is not guaranteed, I am hoping to work at the international school but this will not cover all my living costs. If you would like to support me in any way either in prayer, a one off gift or a regular payment please contact me for further details.

Thank you so much for taking time to read this, I am so grateful for your interest and support.


If you would like to find out more about doing an ID internship and what the year involves, click here.

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