New King's Kids' Series: Extreme Fan Fever


This series starts on the 15th September at all three of our locations.

Every minute of every day, all of us, make decisions about what to put first in our lives.

We decide to make one thing more important than another. We are all fans of something; football fans, film fans, music fans... We all have something that gets us really excited or that we like to talk about; a YouTube clip, hanging out with our friends, a great party, an amazing trip somewhere? Why?

The Bible says that we were made to worship. If you think about it that is what we see the people around us doing all the time – particularly if you go to a music concert or a football match! But the Bible also says that we were made to worship one thing; God.

We were made to worship God with our whole lives; everything we do, say and think. We were made to worship Him in the decisions we make and how we spend our time. We were made to worship Him with other people as part of a local Church family and we were made to worship Him for other people, serving those who need our help. All of our talents and creativity have been put inside us to use in worship to God. And Jesus came so that we could enter God’s presence as His children and bring our worship to Him. How exciting is that!

This term at King’s Kids we’re going to be looking at all of this stuff and delving deeper into what the Bible says about why and how we worship God and what this means for our everyday lives. Of course, we’ll be playing some fantastic games, hearing some great examples for the Bible and of course, using some amazing songs as we explore worship and tell God how great He is.

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