New King's Kids' Series: Horrible Histories, Fabulous Futures


Have you ever had a really bad day? Maybe it feels like nothing is going right. Maybe you’ve messed up big time. Maybe you’ve had something disastrous happen.

In the Bible we read about many, many people having a truly terrible day. The Old Testament is packed full of mess ups, bad decisions, gruesome gore and dreadful disasters. Would you want to spend 40 days and nights cooped up with 2 of every kind of animal, kill someone by knocking a tent peg into their head or be thrown down a pit? And you’ve got to wonder – what does it smell like in the stomach of a fish?

This term at King’s Kids we’re going to dive head first (sounds messy we know) into some of the Bible’s most gory and disastrous events. Our resident time traveller and adventurer, Archibald Adams, will be dusting off his time machine to go and experience the sights, sounds and smells, and bringing back some souvenirs. We’ll have lots of chances to play gruesome games and sing amazing songs too.

And as we look further into these stories we’ll see that however bad the day gets, however big the mess and however gruesome the details, God’s plan continues. He has a fabulous future in mind and He even uses the bad, messy and gory stuff for His plans and for His glory. That means that even if we’re having a really bad day, we can know that God still loves us and is working His plans for our fabulous future.