Wow! 10 years we’ve been in this building

Worshipping God, having fun, and singing

But let’s have a look at what we’ve been up to

Over the last decade and how this church grew.

We came to the Norman Centre in April of ‘09

The first time we put up the ‘Kings Community Church’ sign

We knew from the beginning that we had an aim

To connect with the community and tell them Jesus’ name.

How have we done that? Through holiday clubs and outreach

They’re just a couple of ways that we’ve used to teach

Frantik has connected with kids and Radiate with teens

It’s so important that they know what the Bible means.

The venue became ours in 2011

It was definitely a gift sent from our Father in heaven

The things that that venue has seen in the last Eight years

Great thanks to the incredible staff and volunteers

From Youth Theatre, to boardgames, to Footsteps, to quizzes

And Mardle and Cuppa all helping build bridges

Let’s not forget about the baptisms we’ve had

People declaring their love to our heavenly Dad

But of course, dear June*, we need to say thank you

For your kindness and humour and all that you do

But Mile Cross is made up of you all

Even those of you who can’t even crawl

You’re loved and valued and part of Church family

As the Bible taught we are all used to make up it’s anatomy

We use our gifts and skills to build each other up

Whether that’s preaching or healing or helping with setup

So as we look back on the incredible decade

And all of the amazing things that have happened  and the memories we’ve made

Let’s look on to see what our God has planned

For the future of our Church, He’s got it in hand

Joe Oldfield

*June is the wonderful Norman Centre employee who's opened up the building and looking after us nearly every Sunday for the last 10 years