SENT 2019


SENT 2019 was emotional, hard-hitting, fun, crying, laugh-out-loud, life-changing and powerful - we met with God, bonded in fellowship, and had a blast doing it! Several of us who went from King’s down to Ipswich stayed in a house together for the two nights. We had breakfast together and prayed over each other, it made the crammed house feel like a warm and loving home.

From there we walked together along the dockside to the Orwell Centre, where Hope Church has made its home, for two days of intense teaching and dedicated worship. The presence of the Holy Spirit was a whirlwind through the group gathered in the upstairs room of Hope Church. There were people speaking in tongues, praying out, and singing personal songs directly to God - some for the first time ever!

The seminars were insightful and instructive, allowing us to question our thinking and challenge us to live our lives totally for God in a range of different ways. Some people went out onto the streets of Ipswich to spread the grace and gospel of God; feeding back stories that encouraged us to step out in our faith and witness to those around us. The encouragement (as the light-up sign from the prayer evening positively shouted) was for revival - on a grand scale! It’s something for which to fight and pray until we see God move powerfully throughout the world.

After the chance to give money into some fantastic causes throughout Relational Mission, the whole room of students and young people watched in awe-filled amazement and, by God’s grace and provision, the total counter kept climbing and climbing up until it hit £5,190.48 - from just ONE offering! It was such a privilege to be a part of that, and such an encouragement into all that God is doing today.

All in all it was an amazing weekend and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to each. and. every. young person in the church; but don’t just take my word for it - here are some others’ thoughts on what SENT was like for them.


“SENT gave me a chance to refresh and recharge. There was a tangible sense of God’s presence over the weekend. The Holy Spirit fell powerfully and highlighted areas of my life that needed surrendering to God and processing with Him. It was great to spend time building friendships with church family too! There was such a sense of togetherness and eagerness to love and pray for one another throughout the weekend. I thoroughly recommend going next year if you have the chance!”

- Rachel


“Sent 2019 was a great experience for me, I felt encouraged and blessed by God. It was so much of a good thing to take some time out and spend it with God and others. To be together as brothers and sisters in Christ, praying for one another, enjoying corporate worship and praise is a real blessing.

The first night we had a talk from Stef Liston on The Kingdom of Light. He spoke about being free from the things of the world and particularly on being free of the way the world thinks. One thing he touched on was our time with God, how we in our busy lives, don't leave enough space for Him. We schedule it, we pick up the Bible in a year plan, and think, this is the time for us to get back to God. These things, being good in themselves, sometimes end up with us seeing our time with God as a chore and not what it should be, as a pure Joy. 

If we find it hard to get up and pray at 5 in the morning then don't! Pray at 8, or in the afternoon, or just before we go to bed. If we are only 3 months into the Bible in a year and we should be 7 months in, just pick a book of the Bible you like, and spend some real time in it. For surely that is the way the Bible should be read? Take time in it, read the same part, twice, three times and see how God can use it.

This blessed me in not beating myself up about my time with God, but just feeling blessed by the shortest prayer time, that one chapter I read each day, and that I saw in a different light. It is amazing that God, through a talk, speaks to us about our lives and help us communicate more with him.”

- Joey


“Recently, God has been speaking to me about allowing space in my life for Him to move - when I give time to dwell in His presence I will find great contentment from Him. God’s Kingdom was the theme for SENT 2019. God continued to remind me of this throughout!

I had arrived feeling generally anxious about the weekend, as conferences like this are very encouraging but also overwhelming with a busy schedule and lots of people to chat to. Stef Liston reminded us that ‘He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to The Kingdom of His beloved son’ Colossians 1:13. Tom Scrivens, preaching on Hebrews 12, brought it home that we can throw off these things and step into The Kingdom of the beloved son - one that is unshakeable and secured by Jesus.

While my mind dwells on worries, fear, Instagram, or even what I am going to have for dinner (all shakeable things), I dwell in the kingdom of darkness. But in The Kingdom of His beloved son I can find life at its fullest - I just have to throw off these things that hinder!”

- Amy


“Sent was an amazing time for young people to come together and be, well, sent. From Spirit-filled worship, to piercing preaches, this was a time that God used to see sons and daughters rise up in faith and zeal for His kingdom.

God was doing so many things this weekend. From instilling in the heart of so many to go to the nations and pioneer in places before now rejected as ‘hard ground,’ to breaking spiritual strongholds and coming to God as a loving Father who cares for His children and their woes, both internally and externally, the kingdom won many victories. Even personally, I found deep joy for the first time in just resting in God’s presence as the Holy Spirit descended on the space.

Not only that, but also deeper fellowship was made. As people were standing up to the strongholds in their lives, or stepped out into callings they had as yet not realised, their brothers and sisters came around them, offering wisdom, laughter, and comfort. Despite our separate backgrounds and churches, the family of God was felt at an intimate level for many, forging friendships and partnerships which will see the Lord illuminating even the darkest places.”

- Michael


“At SENT, God reminded me how much He is always with me and that gave me the confidence to start praying and praising again - a part of my walk with Christ that had been dead for a long time. Being in that environment of fellowship, prayer, worship, encouragement and excellently taught word was like a light to the darkness I found myself in and it gave me the confidence I lacked to put all my hope in Jesus. I’d definitely recommend going. Wherever the hole in your life is, Jesus wants to fill it - and He will as you give Him the opportunities to. SENT is one such opportunity.”

- Rebekah

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