Michael Pyefinch on the ID Year at King's


Hi, I’m Michael and I’m an ID Student

 I’ve only been a Christian for about two years so I wanted to make sure that before I got stuck in a career or anything like that, I wanted to focus my life on God and get stuck in and serve the Church – so I chose to do ID.

Serving people through ID is just the best, just being able to see various different little projects come together and further The Kingdom in general, it’s just awesome and doing that by serving people and getting on with what’s in front of you and not getting stressed out just ploughing on through and ploughing through and ploughing on through it’s the best thing.

ID has helped me in so many ways – so, so many ways. In giving me a community who are willing to grow me and challenge me, in helping me become more self-aware in the things that I’m doing that aren’t glorifying to God – trust me, there’s a lot of them to work on! Work in progress, always. It’s helped me enjoy being part of God’s Kingdom more and not seeing it as a burden and also it’s just shown me how Church works and how much it benefits the community around it it’s not something about just about the church family or whatever it’s about reaching out and touching lives that wouldn’t ever hear the gospel or feel grace in their lives usually. It’s awesome.

We have mentors, who are just people who you’re able to sit down with, you know, maybe once a week, once every other week and just talk through life and go through life with them and you can be real with them, you can be honest with them, they won’t judge you for it and they just want to see you grow. They’re like running partners but like super running partners. They’re a lot of fun. My mentor is Dave Howes, he’s great, he gets an earful of lots of theological questions and things like that, but also he’s happy to sit down and go through my personal life with me and, like I say, grow me. That’s what they’re there for.

The worship in the training weeks was awesome! The people are great, the worship was great, the teachings are awesome – all of it, all of it! From meeting your host families, who are going to put you up for the week, getting to know them, getting to know the other ID students around the country, building up a strong Christian community that will probably last a lot longer than just a year. It’s super encouraging, super exciting, but the teaching is incredible too.

ID is a chance to see what The Kingdom is like, it’s a chance to focus your life entirely on God and to serve Him – He’s given you everything and you can give a bit back. You can grow so much in other people you meet and you talk to, you can learn a lot from them, and also it’s such a blast, I’ve had some of the best memories ever just having fun and hanging out with people and doing life with them and seeing them flourish wherever they’re at – it’s probably the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done aside from becoming a Christian.

From ID I have a better understanding of who Jesus is and a better understanding of His tangible impact in my life and my relationship with Him has grown deeper and deeper at an incredible rate – super exciting, super freaky because there’s so much stuff that I’m completely new to and ah! But it’s awesome, it’s so cool. Not much money, you don’t get money out of it, so don’t do it for that! I’ve seen the community grow, I’ve seen people growing, community growing, projects flying, seeing the Church touch the lives of the Norwich City community.

Michael Pyefinch