Joanna Fisher on Interning at King's


I’m Joanna, and I am the Creative Media Intern

I wanted to do the internship because I’d just come out of doing a Masters degree, I’d spent a lot of time in academia, doing things that were very theoretical, writing long pieces, I hadn’t really done anything particularly vocational and so I really wanted to apply myself and get some experience in the real world doing something fun that would then serve me in the future.

I’ve been doing all sorts of things, it’s a little bit of everything; a bit of graphic design, a bit of advertising for the church – the powerpoints at the front, sometimes those are from me! And a bit of events management, which I found really fun, actually, it was; organising things, delegating to people, just taking control of something and really making it your own but also a community project, yes, a little bit of everything.

The Stories project is just really incredible, because basically the whole thing behind it is getting good news stories from across the church – all three sites – and just bringing them to the fore; bringing them somewhere where they can be read and thought about, prayed about by the wider church community and even people on the fringes of church, you know, who might be thinking oh, what’s this? What’s this church? Just finding out more about who we are and the struggles that we have. Because in that sense we’re normal people, you know, we’re not super spiritual, everything sorted, you know, God gets us through some sticky moments and He comes through and getting to go around and interview people is just one of my favourite things to do because it means that I’m right there on the ground hearing first hand from these people where God has taken them. It’s just so incredible, and it’s such a privilege to share it.

The best thing about being an intern is getting to work with lots of different people and just being in the office. Being ‘in’ on all these different projects and doing all these different things. Learning how the church ticks from the inside. It’s one thing to be in the congregation; you know a certain aspect of church, but being in the office you know something completely different, you’re let in on what’s happening. Getting to help with the behind the scenes stuff is so much fun – really great!

I would say that the internship has given me a lot more confidence in skills I already had, it’s also built on skills that I had, given me some new ones. There are some computer programs I wouldn’t have dared touch before now that just would have seemed completely alien to me at the beginning of the year whereas now I’m comfortable using them, I’m comfortable playing around, seeing what I can do with it and really creating things in a new way. It’s really exciting, it’s really good to say “oh yeah, I can do this thing – I can do loads of different things!”

I would recommend the internship because I think that, like I’ve said, you get another view of church and it really forces you – in a good way, in a really good way – to delve deeper into your own faith, well it did for me. You know, I had to think very carefully about a lot of things why am I doing this? And I’m a very “why” person, I will often ask – why? You say for me to do a thing a certain way – well why do I have to do it that way? Why does it have to say this, why does it have to do that? That questioning aspect of it has made me feel a lot more secure in my faith because I’m seeing why I do things.

I’ve got a closer relationship with the church as a whole as well. I know more people from across the sites because I’ve travelled across more of the sites I’ve got to know more people, I’ve spoken to more people so I feel more connected in and I think it’s a really good thing for a young person to do. Particularly if they grew up in the church and know these distantly, but you can actually start relationships with them, and for me that was just key.

Joanna Fisher