My experience as an intern


My experience as a creative intern at King’s Church is coming to an end soon and I wanted to share a little about it to encourage anyone who might be considering applying for this year’s internship.

Before I started my internship, I was already assisting Paul Hatton (who heads up Communications) with different film projects and ideas. At the time I was looking for full-time work and wanted to do something that would enhance my creative skills and be a good use of my time. My background, funnily enough, was a degree in Horticulture & Garden Design, though I had done some video production during my A Levels. Video production was something I wanted to explore more, but I was also open to developing other skills which would help me in the wider workplace.

What can I say about working in the King’s office? Every day is different. The administrative mixes with the pastoral; theological discussions pop up around lunch; there are craft activities being prepared; lots of typing, tea rounds and a real sense of family which makes working at King’s so special. Some days I would see only 1 other soul here and on others it would be a challenge to find space for everyone to work as we have a variety of staff and volunteers working in the office on different days

To reflect more specifically on my role as a creative intern, there was always something to do! It made me appreciate how much goes on behind the scenes to keep King’s organised and to prepare for events and Sunday meetings.

I have been in charge of looking after our social media accounts and scheduling in notifications about upcoming events. I have helped look after the website and the blog, looking for and asking people for new content, as well as creating new posts myself.


I have tackled the meat and bones of graphic design with different types of software, something which I had next to no experience of before the internship.

I have really enjoyed being involved in the different video projects that we have had over this year and experimented with some pretty odd concepts. Who knew that squashing 6 people into a tiny cupboard at the King’s Centre could be such fun and quite a cool video concept?

As well as being part of last year’s Christmas production, in which the huge team effort has to be applauded, I have been able to work autonomously on projects, such as the BIG Weekend Away video for this Summer. I really enjoyed working on it from my desk, but I don’t think I shall be continuing a career in stop animation.

Although lots of the work I do in the office is based at the computer, often there was an element of capturing people’s stories of how God has been moving in their lives. Earlier this year, we filmed Angela in her home as a promotional video for the Redemption Course. Prior to filming, we talked with Angela about her story, and what aspects she wanted to include in the video. We has a look around her house for a suitable filming location and it went from there! Paul and myself also interviewed Emmie about his experiences as a refugee for a video to show at the ‘Quiz with a Cause’ event. Emmie’s story is extraordinary and incredible to listen to and much of what he told us in our first meeting was not included in the final video (it would have been very long otherwise!). It has been wonderful to communicate people’s stories at King’s to the wider church family, which otherwise may not be known about.

I am shortly moving onto a full-time job in Norwich, but may still be involved in projects in a smaller capacity in the future. I want to thank everyone at King’s who has helped me this year and made my time in the office so enjoyable.

Zoe Mitchell