Collective Poetry at King's: Resurrection

'Resurrection' by Jecinta Mellen


He lay dead.

Before He was even born,

Strangers threw shame upon His name, scorned

His mother.

He lived perfectly, though

Foxes have dens,

Birds have nests,

He had no place to lay His head.

And even in death

His enemies said, “He was a liar

He said He would rise after three days

Let soldiers guard His grave

And let everyone know He was a liar.”

After three days

The women came to the tomb at dawn

In the early light.

Expecting to mourn

Expecting to find

A broken body wrapped in cloth

And instead

The brightest light shone that morning

And the best news rung out.

He is risen!

In new life and glory

Death put to death

The question of life

Answered in the savour risen from the grave

It was just as He said it would be

What sounded at first like defeat

Was in fact the opening notes

Of His victory song.

The greatest ever sung

Any remnants of guilt, shame, sin

You may look for in tatters at His feet,

Still stuck on heart or sleeve

Are gone, gone, darkness flown away

Obliterated, forgotten, when we turn to His face

The only memory left

Marked in His hands and side

Not to condemn

But to bring life.

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