New King's Kids Series: Good news


What if you heard a piece of good news which made all the bad news you will ever hear less important? What if you heard a piece of good news which changed your life forever? Come and join our news team as they report the stories about the good news of Jesus, this term at King's Kids. 

When we turn on the news today, the world can seem a very messy and scary place. We hear lots of bad stories about wars, famines, earthquakes, floods, diseases and people doing terrible things to each other. The news today makes us feel angry, sad and frightened about the future. But how would it feel if you turned on the news, opened a news app or looked on Twitter and the first story you saw was a good one? What if the first story you saw was about someone getting better when doctors couldn't help them? What if it was two.nations at war declaring peace? What if it was about broken hearts being mended? What if it was about a superhero rescuing people?

The truth is that there IS a piece of good news that is so amazing you won't want to stop talking about it. There is a piece of good news which makes all the bad news less important. There is a piece of good news about people being rescued, healed, at peace and made whole. 2000 years ago a superhero came and changed our world forever. He changed the life of everyone he met and he's still changing lives today. 

This term at King's kids were going to be looking at the good news about Jesus, following our news team, anchor Neville Newbottom and roving reporter Rosie, as they interview people who met him when he lived on earth. We'll also be playing lots of games and singing lots of songs and having epic fun. 

Coming on the 15th April 2018...

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