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It is coming up fast again this year. Soon booking will open for 2018's EPIC WEEKEND! I have to say, it really does live up to its name! 

EPIC is a weekend for children in school years 4-6. This year it is happening on the 18-20th May, at Letton Hall. I have been for the last two years and had the pleasure of looking after the kids. 

Here are some of my highlights from last year:

Some of the activities included a slip and slide, which was very soapy and wet, and yes I did a front dive and crashed out, much to my team's amusement!! We had the legendary glow in the dark game, where kids are running to collect as many glow sticks in the pitch black as they can, whilst leaders steal them back and throw them out again, making the kids work so hard that they, in theory, should be ready for bed (or not as the case may be!). We had a cardboard vehicle race where gunge was thrown at us as we ran round the track and our vehicles fell apart as we ran, leaving very little shelter from the bright green gunge.

Which reminds me... the challenges!! They take messy to a whole new level. Many of them involved adults getting messy, again to much of the kids' amusement! We had paddling pools of roast dinner that had to be take out with your mouth and arranged on a plate, there was trifle construction on someone's head and 'toss the gravy'... into a cone... on someone's head! 

The reason we do all of this is to see these kids meet with the living God, and it is so worth every drop of gunge on your head or the pea that's stuck in your ear! We have wonderful times of worship, great teaching and precious time with your clan to chat through what's been said. One evening the gospel was shared with the kids, and in response they were asked if they wanted to give their lives to Jesus, or had done so already, to write their names on a post-it and stick it to the cross.. it was FULL! Another incredible moment was when one of our kids got on stage and wanted to share what God was speaking to him about. He said 'God has reminded me of the time I went to a camp and felt the Holy Spirit so strongly. He is reminding me of that time and telling me he loves me and that he loves you too..' Amazing! 

As a kids' worker, to look out on a room of kids and see them worshipping God, meeting with him and giving their lives to Him, it honestly doesn't get any better! All of them had a great time, and it did us leaders a world of good too! 


The best parts of the EPIC weekend is that firstly, you can connect with God and listen to some awe-inspiring (and bizarre) Bible stories. Secondly, you get to be like a big man and sleep with your friends! That’s what I like about EPIC weekend!
— Joseph
I found EPIC (to be) an amazing time and I made lots of friends, so I’d book again!
— Daniel

If you have children that age, or know of any please let them know about Epic. You can have a look on their website here

Booking opens from the 1st March.

Feel free to ask me any questions and I would be happy to answer them! Can I encourage you that Epic is a brilliant opportunity to get your kids to a place where they can spend time worshipping Jesus with others their age. Friendships are being built and memories made, I cannot speak highly enough of the weekend. Please think and pray it over. Remember, places fill up quickly!

Emily Plumbly - Kidsworker


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