Everyday Emmanuel


A few years ago we stumbled across the idea of doing an advent calendar of activities. Instead of giving their boys chocolate, a family we knew from the community gave them a daily challenge throughout December - one day they would make biscuits, another day they would go and sing a carol at a friend's door (one day we got biscuits). It looked great fun. 

We also found a Christian Resource based on the same idea ('Everyday Emmanuel', made by the people behind 'Veggie Tales' and 'What's in the Bible?') It gave you a bunch of different ideas for activities, of various lengths so that you could plan them around your availability. Anything from listening to a Christmas song to doing a short family devotional, to having a sleepover downstairs around your Christmas tree. 

We gave it a go and not only was it fun, but it brought us together as a family and helped us enjoy God and the gospel through Christmas. December was, and still is, a busy time but this helped us to celebrate Christmas right through advent, rather than only starting to do so on December 25th once everything else is out of the way. So we've carried on doing it every year since.

We started doing this when our family only consisted of Emma and I, but we've evolved the activities to suit us as children have come along. We haven't felt the need to add 24 extra activities to our December - instead we've used it as a framework on which to hang existing family traditions and commitments, as well as an inspiration for new ones. So, for example, one day's activity is usually the Carols at King’s event (existing), whereas a new activity is making biscuits for our neighbours (to be fair, that's several days' activity). We also don't worry if we miss an activity when it comes to it. 

We're really excited that King's are offering this idea out to everyone this year. Have fun, make it your own, and make the most of Christmas!

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