Christmas Devotionals: Praying for those who don't know Jesus


Read Luke 2:16-20


Imagine being one of the shepherds that night. They saw some amazing, awe-inspiring, and, frankly, slightly weird and frightening, stuff. What do you think went through their minds? Maybe they wondered whether what they had seen and heard out in the fields had really happened. Then when they saw Jesus, the Bible tells us that they were filled with joy and praise for God and ‘spread the word’ about what had happened. What a story!

 What’s your story? Each of us has a story about how we first heard about Jesus and what happened next. Your story may be dramatic like the shepherds, or more quiet and gentle, or somewhere in between. You may have chosen to follow Jesus a long time ago or you may still be on that journey. Whatever your circumstances, capture today some of the excitement that the shepherds felt.

 Because what we remember at Christmas is exciting. Jesus – God’s only Son, through whom everything was created – came on earth and was born as a tiny, fragile, human baby. He lived a perfect life. He went around healing people and teaching them amazing things about God. Then He was put to death a torturous, humiliating and painful way. When He died, it looked to His friends and followers like that was the end. But it wasn’t. When He died Jesus took the punishment for our sin – for all the ways we have turned away from God and done our own thing. He beat sin and death for us so that we could be free, as He proved when He rose from the dead three days later. After He rose again, Jesus went back to heaven. Before He left, He left us with a job to do; “Go into all the world and preach the good news” (Mark 16:15).

 This is a job that all of us are part of, which is why we talk about EVERYONE a witness. We can all tell the story of Jesus and what He has done in our lives. Who do you know who doesn’t know Jesus? Pray for that person today. How could you share your story with them?


Playing (for the very young – or young at heart)

Play at having a party. You can have party food (real, pretend plastic or made out of playdough), games, party hats, music and balloons. Talk about how happy God is when someone turns to Jesus and is saved.


Craft (for those who enjoy being creative)

Have a go at making a wordless book. You can find ways to do this and variations on a standard book format at Feel free to come up with your own variations. Practise using this as you talk about the gospel. You could share it with someone who doesn’t know Jesus.


Singing (alone or together, out loud or listening to the music)

Feel free to just sing these songs if you know them, but if you can also look them up online for lyrics and music. Of course, God may put another song on your heart to sing so feel free to use that instead.

O Holy Night

Happy Day – Tim Hughes

Who You Say I Am – Hillsong Worship

God is with us – Casting Crowns


Reflection (making some time to chat to God)

Light the candle from your pack. As you watch the flame, pray that someone you know would come to know Jesus.

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