King's Money Advice Interview: Power to Parent

Below is an Interview from one of the clients of King's Money Advice. Any names have been changed for identity protection.


Basically the situation I was in was down to a relationship breakdown where I went effectively from two incomes to one. And while in that relationship we had holidays and the general spending you tend to do with credit cards and bank loans and that sort of thing. And then going down to the one income just put me in a complete muddle. I was actually working and paying more out than I had coming in. And I wasn’t sleeping and I was getting depressed and stressed out about it. Worried about “could I pay this?” Robbing Peter to pay Paul.

I felt desperate and physically sick through worry, knowing that I have a dependent child as well. I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do with her. I was constantly worried. Would I have enough money for food, to run the car? And letters coming through the door which I would tend to push to one side and forget about, which is probably the worst thing you could do. And then things just mount up and mount up and it just got to the stage where there is more going out than there is coming in. I just had to get help from somewhere.

Many, many years ago when I was married and my husband lost his job and we were on benefits for a while. But not as stressful or as worrying as this time, being on my own and being in that position and obviously being in far more debt this time. And I think when you are on your own as well and you know you’re dependant for a child it makes the weight on the shoulders that much heavier. It makes it that more worrying.

It was actually a colleague I work with who is a parental support adviser at the school I work with who put me on to King’s Money Advice. Really I thought you may be able to give me some advice on how I could, maybe, cut things down and make things a bit easier. Be able to pay the bills and to live as well. That’s what I was hoping for. And, actually, you’ve done far more than that because you’ve helped me to sort all the debts out and pay them an affordable amount out, to not constantly have the letters and the phone calls and the worry and the stress and to have a little bit spare. And I know that if something goes wrong with the car there’s money there to sort it, or if my daughter’s going on a school trip I can afford to give her the spending money and that sort of thing. So actually the expectations and the reality is a lot better for me. And it’s just completely turned my life around. And I get up in the morning without that stress and I’ve had a good night’s sleep as well, which is wonderful.

So now everyone’s getting paid. They’re all getting paid a set amount. It all comes out of my bank account when my wages go in and I know there’s going to be money for food, there’s money for fuel, there’s money for me and my daughter to do little things as well. And It’s made life so much easier.

Hopefully if I’m in a position where I can earn more then, obviously, I can up the payments which is going to shorten the length of time it takes to pay back. And I’m looking to get a second job so that will make things easier and make the time I’m paying them back a bit less.

I would absolutely recommend you guys, 100%, because I couldn’t have got through this muddle and sorted this muddle on my own. I couldn’t have done all the phone calls and sorting out who has what. Whereas I’ve handed all that over to you, and you guys have done all that for me. Which has been amazing. So I would highly recommend anyone in this position to seek help from King’s Money Advice.

King’s Money Advice is a completely free debt and money advice service. No matter how big or how small your debt is, and whatever your background and circumstances, we are here to help! Our service is totally confidential, contact us today and let one of our trained advisers help you find the way out of debt.

We can:

  • Provide a listening ear

  • Help with working out a budget and prioritising debts

  • Help produce a financial statement and a realistic budget

  • Negotiate with creditors to agree to the budget and to stop interest and charges

  • If necessary, prepare you, support you and guide you at court

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