King's Money Advice: Breathing Space

Below is an Interview from one of the clients of King's Money Advice. Any names have been changed for identity protection.


About two years ago I had a mental health breakdown and I lost my job through redundancy, and became quite heavily in debt for the first time in my life and didn’t really know what to do and I needed relief from that debt. I knew that my life had changed forever, my finances would never be the same and I was recommended King’s Money Advice services by the Job Centre.

I’d been in manageable debt before but never significant and I wasn’t really aware of anything in terms of insolvency practices other than a basic layman’s knowledge of bankruptcy. I knew I didn’t want to go bankrupt at the time and I wanted to see what solutions were available. My expectations of KMA were that I would be given guidance, if not advice, by someone that knew more than I did about it really. And I was told it was a voluntary service, which at the time was the only kind of service I could have taken up. And when I came to meet them, they were very helpful and during our several appointments I met Lynn and some of the other advisors and everyone’s been really, really helpful, and to be honest it gave me a lot of, well, it gave me breathing space, which is what I needed to understand what was going on and to know what to do. I wouldn’t consider myself a naïve person but it’s a field of technical knowledge I don’t have and it was a real support having that there. It made a big difference.

It’s been quite a long process, but now I’ve received my DRO (Debt Relief Order) and that’s made a big difference to me. I feel that I have a future that I can manage now whereas before it was just overwhelming and I didn’t know what to do. My circumstances have changed beyond recognition but I don’t feel panicked by that anymore. Financially I don’t worry and lose sleep over that any more either. And I think when you suffer mental illness and things like that, depression and things, a background worry like that can really hinder any kind of recovery because it will drag you down, so to not have that worry is, well to be honest it’s incredibly valuable. It really makes a difference to people’s lives. And I think what you do does. I think that’s really valuable

It’s the best scenario that it could have been and I don’t believe that would have happened without KMA. So without them this would have gone on longer and I might not have ended up in this situation. I think I would have gone through a lot more stress, possibly more debt and I think it would have got in a right pickle. So I think what KMA does, as a service, I mean if it was a payable service I’m sure people would be happy to pay, but as a voluntary service it’s astounding to be honest. It’s amazing what they do. I think it’s really really valuable. I’ve said along the line “I can’t thank you enough, for all your help.” Especially that they give their time voluntarily. It makes a big difference. It’s a professional service as well. It’s not just a support service, it’s professional. I know they’ve got the technical knowledge and it was dealt with very well. So I don’t think you can ask much more from a service, really.

They’ve done a great deal and I think it’s a brilliant service what they do and they, personally, make it very accessible. Mike is very reassuring. He’s very understanding as well which makes a difference because people like me tend to procrastinate and we’ll forget about this and do this instead and things like that. But he’s been patient with me the whole time and allowed me to get done what needs to be done. And it’s done. And I have been an interesting person in that I’ve had several jobs and part time jobs in the meantime so it’s not been straightforward. I realise that. But I feel in a position to move forward now, definitely.

King’s Money Advice is a completely free debt and money advice service. No matter how big or how small your debt is, and whatever your background and circumstances, we are here to help! Our service is totally confidential, contact us today and let one of our trained advisers help you find the way out of debt.

We can:

  • Provide a listening ear

  • Help with working out a budget and prioritising debts

  • Help produce a financial statement and a realistic budget

  • Negotiate with creditors to agree to the budget and to stop interest and charges

  • If necessary, prepare you, support you and guide you at court

For more information or to arrange an appointment please contact Mike Lamb:

Mobile: 07795 327 172
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Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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