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We're back with another of Tim Cottrell's designs!

We love to see what our creatives get up to in their own time. Tim is a graphic designer who is part of the 'Collective', a group of people who work in or explore creative disciplines.

This is what Tim has to say about the reasoning behind the poster:

The words for this poster are the title to a song by the American band, Switchfoot, who have been amongst my favourite artists since I first got into music as a teenager. As a band, their songs always explore the sort of things many of us (or at the very least I) find difficult to articulate, like faith, hope, meaning, loss and belonging. Lead singer and lyricist, Jon Foreman, is open and honest about the things he is struggling with, uncertain about and questioning, but his songs always come back to hope.

When I found out that Switchfoot were going to be playing at UEA LCR in November, I knew I had to be in that room, but I also knew I had to make one of these posters with some of Jon’s words. For almost as long as I’ve been learning to be a designer, Switchfoot lyrics have featured in the stuff that I make, but most of it has never seen the light of day.

I really wanted to use these words in particular because they are such a helpful picture for me of faith in the dark. The central idea to this poster had been floating around for a while, but I didn’t feel I was a good enough photographer to make it properly. Part of the point of doing this series was to push myself to improve and branch out, so I asked Paul Hatton if I could borrow His camera and some of his knowledge, and set about getting it done using one of the basement rooms at the King’s Centre as an impromptu studio.


If you like Tim's work, you can view more projects on his website.

'The Collective' is a group of people at King's who cover a range of creative disciplines. The aim of the group is to grow in what they create, but also as followers of Jesus.  Find out more here

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