What happens when LIFE Groups are welcoming


by Ella Frost

Hello! I'm at King's City West and having turned up at UEA to do an MA in International Social Development I decided to try out King’s. It was similar to my home church and I felt at home immediately. I loved how informal and relaxed it was, but best of all I loved how friendly and welcoming people were. This wasn’t just true on my first visit – it’s been really easy to get to know people. I've also appreciated that there are loads of LIFE Groups to choose from!

I would encourage everyone to get involved in a LIFE Group as quickly as possible, so that you start getting to know people well. When life gets stressful or you’re just having a bad day, you’ll need people around you who will pray for you and be there for you. But LIFE Groups aren't just great for the hard times – we enjoy hanging out! In our group, we’ve done loads – we’ve had Christmas dinner together, following up the Sunday teaching and tackled some of the big questions of life. We’ve also had games evenings with friends from uni and on warmer days we’ve had a BBQ or two. It’s so good to take a break from studying and spend time with friends.