Gift Days July 2017 Update

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Twice a year we have our Gift Days which are brilliant opportunities to give over and above our regular giving.

King's is a place where people give faithfully and generously, time and time again, and it is incredible to see people courageously trusting God and giving out of that place. This july you gave:


Toby Skipper explains how the money is being distributed:

City Centre - £16,000 - As a family we have got an incredibly rich history wrapped up in the fabric of the King's Centre. It began when Goff Hope and Graham Hall gathered the church to say "Shall we go for it?". There was a resounding "YES"! In the subsequent weeks over £100,000 was given. There have been significant moments including salvations, baptisms, worship and preaching and it's because of the generosity of people in the past that we're able to benefit from it in the present. We want to keep investing in both the structure and the aesthetics of it so that many more significant moments can happen at the King's Centre in the future.

Mile Cross- £11,000 - God led us to Mile Cross nearly a decade ago. It's been a brilliant journey but we're keen to invest in the future there. We want to give towards ministry that will enable us to serve, equip and enable the church family to really flourish and engage in all the God has called Mile Cross to.

City West- £11,000 - It was three years ago that God led us to start our third site, City West. Ever since we moved in, our landlords have been keen to sell the building and so we've always been trusting God that He has our place of meeting in His hands. We're confident that God will lead us forward into this next season but whether we stay, move, rent, or buy - it's going to require finance. Please invest in this next chapter at City West.

Sheringham Life Church- £10,106 - We've got a great friendship with Life Church in Sheringham and we really want to bless them. They're in the process of building a home right in the centre of Sheringham and they could really do with an injection of finances. Many of us learnt to give generously when we bought the King's Centre so to be able to help Life church, as they do the same, will really make a difference.

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