Are you surviving, thriving or not coping? 

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Some weeks it feels like life is going great and we should be celebrating. Sometimes we feel bombarded by problems that we can’t fix and we don’t know where to go to for help. People in the Bible were no different and some of them wrote about how they were feeling in a book called Psalms. 

What will the series involve?

At King’s Kids this Autumn term we’re going to look at the book of Psalms and how God responds when we ask Him for help. We’re going to learn about relying on Him as our first port of call whether we want to celebrate, complain or find answers when we’re confused. We’re also going to challenge ourselves with some tricky survival challenges to see how well we would cope in the wild! And we’ll be playing some great games which link into our topic each week and singing some fantastic songs at our base camp.

When and where is it?

If you’re in school years reception to 6 we’d love to have you join us every Sunday from the 17th September to the 3rd December.

City Centre - 10am – 11.45am at the King’s Centre

Mile Cross - 11.30am - 12.45pm at the Norman Centre

City West - 3.30pm – 5pm at St Peter’s Church, Park Lane

You will need a parent or carer to sign you in and out.

Are all your helpers DBS checked?

The three kid's clubs across all of our sites are run by volunteers from the church who are all DBS checked and supervised by the leaders of the church. For more information please get in touch; 01603 765795 | |

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