Making friends through socials


by Rebeca Sanchez-Clist

For us it all started in 2015. Starting with our core group and then a few new international Christian we quickly realised how passionate everyone was about telling their friends about Jesus. To foster this within our LIFE Group we knew that we had to create settings where we could meet each other's friends. For us, that meant a lot of socials, hanging out together with the friends of our friends. It just felt normal for us to open up our homes, gather down the pub or head to the park. By doing this we found that people were more able to be themselves and we got to them them a lot quicker than we otherwise would have.

We continued to gather more and more International students who wanted to not only understand British people and culture but also explore our country's predominant Christian faith. We soon realised that we were in a great position to introduce them to Jesus, to the Bible and to our Christian beliefs. All of this coming out of doing a load of socials!

Big Questions

So in October 2016 we started Big Questions. The idea was to provide a safe environment where we could discuss the big topics in life: does God exist, has science disproved God, what is different about Christianity, what is the purpose of life etc. 

I guess that we felt it was a great opportunity to bring different world views into one room and discuss together what makes Jesus the best answer to life’s questions. The format is simple: a 20 minute talk followed by Q&A. It took a while for the Q&A to work, I think people need to feel it’s a safe place and they won’t be judged for what they believe.

We explicitly welcome everyone and never push people to believe what we believe. After 6 sessions of Big Questions we wanted to open the Bible together. I think sometimes we feel like people are not interested in reading the Bible, but we have found the opposite, we have more students when we read the bible together! The format is still the same, we look at a theme using a bible passage, a 20 mins talk followed by Q&A. It’s amazing how people are willing to engage and think deeply about what the bible is saying. Last night Paul did a talk on “the 2 advocates: Jesus and the Holy Spirit”, it was an incredible opportunity and great to see people asking really good questions like “how can we hear from the holy spirit?” 

Ideas for socials

by Paul Hatton

Hearing Rebeca's story about what God did through a few simple socials has really helped me see the importance of being intentional about making friends and introducing them to those in my LIFE Group. In our group we spend a lot of time eating round a table and this provides a fantastic setting for inviting our friends in. Here are some ideas for socials:

1. Beach trip

2. Pub outing

3. Games at the park

4. BBQ

5. Bowling

6. Crazy Golf / Pitch and Putt

If you've got any other ideas why not send them over by clicking on the link below. We'll be sure to add them to the above list.