Exciting things at Mile Cross

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King’s is a church which meets on three sites, and one of those is in Mile Cross. There will be some who have never been, or haven’t been in years, so here’s a catch up.

For the last 8 years, the Norman Centre in Mile Cross has been where one site of King’s has met on a Sunday morning; gathering, worshipping, and growing together.

To give a brief overview of what one can expect from a Sunday morning at Mile Cross, from 10:45am we have refreshments available, and then the meeting starts at about 11am. We have worship until the kids go out to Frantik (school years Reception-6) and Footsteps (younger than that), then more worship until about 11:45, when we will have a preach. This will be followed by worship until about 12:40, and then packdown.

That overview is only an approximation, though, because something rather exciting is going on at Mile Cross. We have recently had to move the starting time of the service from 11:15am to 11am, as the Holy Spirit has really been moving powerfully over recent weeks and months, and we had found that worship had been overflowing and meaning that packing down at the end was rushed. A wonderful problem to have.

With the nature of our situation, leasing the space and not having it as a permanent fixture, every week a team works at setting up every aspect of the meeting: the chairs, the banners, the kids’ work, the Welcome, the PA/AV. This requires working together, and Mile Cross is blessed with a plentitude of servant-hearted people who work hard, meaning that the meeting runs smoothly.

At the moment Clive Cernik is assisting the leading of the site, having come down from Eastbourne to help out, and since his arrival in March he has been a real blessing. ‘Throwing the cat amongst the pigeons’ as he has been quoted to have said, Clive has come and helped encourage the community at Mile Cross, with the safety of structure and routine being moved aside, making room for more worship and encouragement. His experience at other churches have helped the leadership team in moving the site forward, and we look forward to seeing what else he will bring until his planned departure in August.

The band at Mile Cross can be very varied, it could consist of three people one week and eight people the next, and we are blessed with some very talented musicians. The most important thing, however, is that they help people worship, and that’s just what they do. And as for kids’ work, Frantik has seen various points where children from the local estate have come and become part, and they are currently on the exciting theme of Heroes, Villains and Sidekicks. There’s also Footsteps, which is going strongly on a Sunday, and has also made use of the Venue, which is our facility that sits alongside the Norman Centre, with parents and toddlers meeting there every Friday morning..

The Venue is something which we have been using for the last few years and, following a grant being awarded this last year, and we’re excited about the even greater opportunities this will give us in helping reach the community. Different events are held there, and we’re hoping for it to become a powerful tool in making Mile Cross a community that has Jesus at its heart. Your prayers for this and for Debs Oldfield, who is running what’s going on at The Venue, would be massively appreciated.

Finally, there is a sense around Mile Cross of optimism and an enjoyment of God’s goodness. We are really looking forward to seeing what God will continue to do, but would ask for your prayers as we continue to grow and aim to reach out and really impact our community, looking to see Jesus touch the lives of those in Mile Cross. As well as that, please come and visit! If you’re from another site, or anywhere, you’re more than welcome to come and see what is going on for yourself. We’re certainly very excited about it.

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