A window into the kids work at King's

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A guest blog post by Emily Plumbly

Through the last term the kids have really engaged in the teaching, joined in together and the older ones have really helped our new receptions to settle in well too, it has been really fun.

About a month or so ago we had the Enough prayer night, which I'm sure if you were there would agree was fantastic. Gathering so many together to pray as the family of God, petitioning to God for things to change here on earth, and seeing change really does your soul good. So much faith was built that evening it was great! My highlight however, was to see one of our Generate kids standing among the adults, singing her heart out, arms raised, worshiping Jesus! It brought so much joy to my heart! These events are not just for adults they are for everyone of all ages. We are the family of God, young and old, and gathering together at times such as these are so precious! 

Seeing a child or young person worshipping their heavenly Father is such a blessing and it is my prayer to see this more and more.

In generate our heart for the children of kings is to know their heavenly Father closely and intimately. I had the privileged a few of weeks ago to talk to them about being sons and daughters of the King of Kings. Using a crown I spoke Gospel truths over them, that they are children of the king, they are loved by him, cherished by him, that He is always with them, that they are in his family and that they were chosen by Him! I then led them into a reflection time where they responded to those truths through drawing, waiting on God or worshiping which was amazing. 

Our prayer is that they meet with Jesus. That these Sunday sessions are not just fun, a bit of craft and a couple of stories, but that they are a pillar to building their faith in Jesus, whatever their age. So please stand with us in this prayer. Let's see Jesus change the lives of our young ones!