Forerunners: Living for and pointing to Jesus

Who is it for?

In short, it is for you. Whether you're just beginning to explore spiritual things or you've been part of a church your whole life this will be a great series for you to find out the relevance of the Old Testament characters.


What is the series about?

Before Jesus turned up 2000 years ago there are countless recorded stories of people who loved God and were trusting Him to provide someone who would save them and bring them into a right relationship with God. In this series we're going to be taking a look at some of the people in those stories as they ran before Jesus came to save us.

When and where is it?

From the 30th April this series will form a part of all of our Sunday gatherings at all three locations. For more information on where we meet and how you can find the nearest location to you, please click here.


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Character 1 - Job by Goff Hope

Job is a man who suffers intensely and deeply. The Cross shows that at the heart of history there is undeserved suffering that makes possible undeserved blessing; that because a righteous man suffered, unrighteous people like us can experience mercy and grace. This is the wisdom of the Cross (1 Cor.1:18-2:5). Job foreshadows this great truth.

Charcter 2 - Joseph by Toby Skipper 

Jesus is our Joseph -  the one who suffered at the hands of his brothers, faced adversity with integrity and utter faithfulness to God (even through suffering and death) and who saved more than a pagan nation from starvation - Jesus is the bread of life! Joseph went to the depths of prison and pain to emerge (be resurrected) to a position of power to save the lives of many - Jesus did it on a whole other scale!

Character 3 - Elijah by Marcus Tutt 

Elijah comes at a time when things have got really bad in the nation of Israel. He boldly speaks up and steps out in the miraculous but also succumbs to fear, runs away and wants to end his life. His life is a real mix of public and private, prophetic and miraculous, courage and anxiety. 

Other characters

Throughout the series we will also be looking at a variety of other characters. Their audio recordings and Life Group resources will be available here.

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