The top 5 things about Sent 2017

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Post by guest blogger: Zoe Mitchell from City Centre

A few weeks ago over 250 people gathered at King’s Church for SENT 2017 - 3 days of teaching from the Bible, celebration of the good news of Jesus and fellowship with a variety of people from different churches right across Relational Mission. For those connected with the people who went, I’m sure the ripples are already being felt in your communities. 

This was my first time attending and I would just like to give some insight into what went on and my experience of the conference. You may be (probably are) a busy person, so I’ll cut to the chase and give you my top 5 things about Sent 2017.

1. Expectancy for God to move and speak

Something which I haven’t been able to shake off is an excitement about the expectancy and hunger for Jesus that seemed to fill these young people. There was an eagerness to engage, to soak up and ooze out the gospel. A willingness to be challenged, pruned and grow in different ways. That gets me very excited, because God loves to move and use willing hearts.

And boy, did God meet with us there. Look for the stories, because there are many.

2. Great teaching that requires a response

We were so well served this year by having Stef Liston, Tom Scrivens, Angela Kemm and Mike Betts speak at our main meetings. Their teaching was faithful to the Bible and also, they are full of faith! 

What I really loved about the teaching was that it was direct and to the point, no faffing around. These guys understood the weight which the Word of God holds and were committed to empowering us with it.

There are some great quotes from the talks to be found via Twitter (especially Angela’s references to the Lion King), but if you want a proper meal, I implore you to watch the full recordings when they are available on the Sent website. I’m sure we are all still chewing over what was brought. 

3. Unhurried worship

There is something about conferences which mess with time and can make us feel extracted from daily life (in a good way) and help us really focus on what God wants to say. When we come together with a lot of time to press into God through worship, it can be very powerful. The worship team at Sent guided those precious times so well and just gave room for the Spirit to move.

Prophetic songs? Yes!

Collective roaring for the Kingdom of God? Let’s do it.

Dancing in the aisles? Despite all our British reserve, how could we not?

4. Fellowship and food

Something I did not anticipate doing was pulling some shapes in a local bar to ‘Shackles’ with a load of my friends at a ‘Praise Party’ (Note: this was the latest I had been out in a while and the effects were felt keenly the next day). There was plenty of free time at Sent to chat with old friends, new ones and be family.

The food has also got to get a mention. I am astounded at the efforts of the catering team. They were friendly, helpful and fed us very well.

5. It’s the start of something

I suppose one of the best things about Sent is the fact that there are even more exciting stories that have been birthed there and are yet to come. The messages and songs brought there are not contained only in those 3 days, but they will become woven into the months and years after as God continues to speak and pour His goodness and grace onto us.

This is really only a small window into what Sent 2017 was like for me. There is a whole tapestry of stuff which went on which I can’t fit in/articulate/don’t know about.

So my request to you is: 

Find someone who went.
Listen to their stories.
Be encouraged.
Catch the flame. 

Because whether you came to the conference this year or not, we are all Sent by Him.

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